We realize the current situation is having an affect on the automotive industry.  Letting consumers know you’re still open and taking orders online is important right now.  During these tough times, people will continue to turn to social media for information and to share their experiences and feelings. The very concept of social distancing and social media connection has becomes even more critical to a business's success.

You have to build consumer confidence because at a time like this consumers are dealing with emotions like, worry and fear.  They want answers to how they will be able to pay their monthly payment and what service will they receive on an average purchase price of over $34,000.00.

This is not a time to clamp down on marketing and promotional spending.  Here’s why: just because we’re in a time of uncertainty and non visibility to what we will experience as a nation and with buying slowing down drastically, remember, this won’t last forever!  You need to keep your consumer aware of what's going on with your dealership and to be as transparent as possible.  Do not let up on your investments for the future, what's key is how you will continue to sell through the Covid-19 pandemic, and most importantly, after.

Automobile companies must continued to advertise heavily to insure that the public does not forget your dealership brand or location.  Your auto advertisements should encouraged the public to patronize your dealership to purchase and service your departments to help extend the lives of the cars your customers have bought.  Dealerships should also use their advertisements to heighten public anticipation that, this won’t last forever!  Let consumers know that “You can still purchase a vehicle today!”

We creates dealership awareness by designing graphics and video content to be distributed through your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube which is proven to get consumers to purchase products.  Graphics and videos content that's engaging, campaigns that showcase a vehicles "Why Buy" qualities, and helping customers find your dealership location.

Remember you have a billion dollar advertising machine behind you!  Every automaker spends greatly to get the best product photography and the most emotional grabbing video footage to showcase your vehicles.  You need to use these photos and videos to your selling advantage.

Now and forever, will we find a discomfort from being offered free crackers and coffee at a dealership.  Normally we’d tell you to use your showroom, logo, colors and vehicles to create a personality for your business. This can help you build a consistent look and feel across all your content.  However in this time, you should be posting: that your selling online, your online buying process, that you offer live video-walk arounds, if you offer store to door purchase, pickup and delivery options, vehicle sanitization, is the manufacture offering deferred payments / payment relief and what type of vehicle service should they expect during and after the pandemic is over.

Now with more “stay at home” orders being issued throughout our country, now is the time to plant within the minds of consumers, lookers, and fans by posting visuals regularly. The more frequently you post on social media apps like Instagram, the more interactions (likes, shares, profile visits etc) you'll receive. Opening the possibilities of new customers.  If you're not creating new marketing content daily and posting, then your loosing potential customers!
We are a family owned and operated business, ARMENTA SXS goal has always been to guide our automotive clients in making an honest connection with there customers.  We build relationships that build capital.

My story as founder of ARMENTA SXS started with my grandfather who raised me to respect the working person, and that I too had to work as hard or if not harder if I planned on owning a business and leading a team.  My grandfather shared stories of working on B52 bombers, while he was a master mechanic at Lockheed Aircraft in Burbank, CA during World War 2 and how the automotive industry was shutdown from 1941-1945.  By his early twenties he began working in the entertainment industry which allowed him to purchase vehicles from both American and European makers.

My father on the other hand was a blue-collared worker.  He was a truck driver that traveled 48 states, of our beautiful country.  My mother and I would accompany him when I was on vacation from grammar school.  My father, grandfather both instilled into me what an American working man should be.  “A man works for his family, himself, and for his country!”  Those were my grandfather’s words; that I believe and apply to my business, my workers and myself.
How ARMENTA SXS business has changing due to COVID-19

We are no longer making shop, nor dealership in person visits.  Do to social distancing.

New offerings: Month-to-month digital advertising and promotion OR 2-months FREE to dealerships with a 1-year agreement.  Our studio is now fully in-house (literally).  However we are still having meetings through Skype.  Want to know more?  Need an appointment?

If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the CDC website.

Thank you so much for sticking with us. We look forward to supporting each other during these challenging times.
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