We are with you from the start.  Need us to craft a script for a project?  Like an online commercial; we can write or edit and refine your copy to tell the story you want customers to know about your company.  The words you choose are as important as the visuals that accompany them.​​​​​​​
Want to see what your visuals will look like before we begin filming?  Once we have a script ready, we have our team of trained artist begin to storyboard the visual sequence of the live action, and/or the animation.  Storyboards help with story clarity and production cost.​​​​​​​
Does your video need motion graphics, like video intros, title designs, artistic looks, typography, and/or animated characters to help tell your brands story?  Our team can deliver both traditional 2D and 3D designs to add a more interesting sequence to your visuals.​​​​​​​
Need a mascot or animated visual sequence?  With our team of fine artist that are trained in traditional drawing, we can go from sketchpad, to the delivery of fully fleshed out animated characters in both classic 2D and 3D designs, and distributed on all size screens.​​​​​​​
Need a realistic setting for your next video project?  With our team of directors, cinematographers and access to trained performers, actors, locations, sets, stages and green-screens; we can begin filming a beautifully crafted video for your dealership or automotive business.​​​​​​​
Does your production need a voice-actor?  Or your visuals need a musical jingle, music score, a singer, and a voice-over?  Well all we need is a script, which you provide or we can scribe, once this is ready, our team sits down with an audio engineer at one of our recording studios and with a composer, voice-actor or musician and begin your project.​​​​​​​
Once we have all the shot pieces together, we can begin post-production; from editing, color grading, sound engineering, soundtrack music, designing visual effects & graphics, and voice-over actors, to finalizing the project and prepping it for distribution for all size screens.​​​​​​​
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