ARMENTA SXS is an automotive marketing & advertising agency based in the Silver Lake Hills of Los Angeles, CA.  Our agency is independent and focuses only on the automotive industry.  ARMENTA SXS produces industry-leading designs and concepts for brand identity, exhibitions, print, video, web, and social media.

With a team of specialists that have delivered over 23 years of innovative designs and with a roster of clients in the automotive industry, from, American and Foreign automakers, to dealerships, custom automotive shops and motion picture, music, fashion and business industries that use vehicles to promote there brands.  Our designers, marketers, writers, and problem solvers, are known to continuously deliver high-quality work and niche expertise in the automotive industry!​​​​​​​
ARMENTA SXS was founded in 2005.  Our first paid job was to design business cards for a classic car customizing company.  The next job that followed for ARMENTA SXS would be where Louis says, “The day that preparation met opportunity.”  Louis’ childhood friend worked in the marketing department of GM’s Cadillac and after Louis showed his portfolio, Louis was hired to design a tabloid size brochure for GM’s Cadillac (Lou Ehlers).

The first years, our focus was broad, we designed for automotive, entertainment, and fashion; however finding great success and growth within the automotive industry we decided to put all of our knowledge and energy into this area.  What we quickly realized was that all other luxury industries could come right back to the automotive world and if done right, could drive vehicle sales and awareness to the products that would collaborate.
Louis A. DeLombre (Creative Director)
Heather A. DeLombre (Creative Director)
Maria Mora DeLombre (Hispanic Branding)
Julie Armenta (Content Distribution)
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