Our skills have been developed over 25 years of graphic design experience and over 9 years of vinyl wrap designs!  And with our extensive knowledge of the vehicle wrap industry, we’ve designed and perfected wraps for dealerships, entertainment events, bottling industry, to business’ that follow corporate branding guidelines, to companies that want to shock the world through design, and finally vehicle enthusiast’s themed wraps, that want to standout from the crowd.  Contact us today to get started on your next head turning design!

ARMENTA SXS team also founded and launched Wrapero Media and can be found at www.WRAPERO.com
ARMENTA STYLING compares our design techniques to dressmaking.  Where every dress design, colors, and patterns, are tailored to the wearer’s body and stance.  When a vehicle comes in, we treat it like the fleshly body and the stance would translate into the length and height.  When working on wrap designs we always take into consideration the body, respecting its designer’s creation.  We only look to accentuate the vehicle not cause a hindrance to its beauty.  Knowing that vehicles have beautiful sleek designs or thick muscly stances to them, our concepts almost always travel the entire length of the vehicle.  Always keeping with the designer’s creation.  Our designs disappear and reappear on certain areas, causing a continual flow to the eye of the beholder.  All of our concepts begin with hand drawn designs and/or patterns and incorporate beautiful colors from the Pantone® system to beautify our vinyl canvases.  Our goal is to have the viewers feel as if they’re in continual celestial motion within the art pieces that are featured on the bodies of our vehicles.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Commissioned wraps feature our luxurious paintings and digital designs.  It first begins with your idea, style of art and medium of paint.  Unlike our digital designed wraps, “Commissioned Wraps” are hand crafted.  Once the idea is locked in, our experienced fine artist will begin painting your design on canvas.  After the piece of art is completed, we photograph the canvas and digitally design your concept onto your vehicle, once approved; we ready the files for print and installation.  We then give you your painted canvas to hang wherever you choose!  (Idea: In the garage next to your freshly wrapped vehicle.)​​​​​​​
Provide us with your brand guidelines and your idea’s to promote your company and we’ll begin designing your wrap.  Whether it fits into your corporate brand or you’re looking to go with a dynamic look, we have artist that can swing from both sides of the plate!​​​​​​​
Have a red carpet event?  Maybe you’re premiering a new movie, releasing an album, showcasing a new tech product to the world, or premiering a fashion line, we can design a wrap that will compliment your vehicle and the products you want the globe to see.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Wrap advertising is a mobile billboard.  We not only design a wrap to advertise but our goal it to be creative with the concept.  Whether it’s wrapped around a car, truck, bus, or train, our team will design art that will get you noticed and our ideas will keep people talking about your brand long after they see your advertising.​​​​​​​
We were the team behind one of the world’s most known transformations.  Our team took the first American street legal McLaren GTR P1 from its factory green stripes to the owners requested burgundy rally stripes.  Not only that but we had to recreate the badging, from the letters to numbers.  Our team can modify your stripes, customize a fresh set, or design a pace car style wrap.​​​​​​​
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